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GQ Review of OMV - One-Manhood-Vitamin-Treats-Dry-Penile-Skin
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Yes you read that right.


It’s very rare – Kim K writing haikus rare – that we see a new grooming product in GQ land that we’ve never encountered before.


From undereye bags to rough elbows, canny marketers have come up with formulations designed to revitalise that specific zone with targeted ingredients.


It was therefore that the GL Skinfit Formula One Manhood Vitamin raised a few eyebrows around the office.

You see, the OMV, touts itself as “100 per cent natural penis healthcare” and the pack consists of 30 capsules that are not to be taken orally but applied topically.


Here’s what’s promised on the pack: “Active, vital, healthy penis skin. Relieve symptoms of dry, itchy or irritated penile skin. Revive the look and feel of penile skin and even skin tone. Stimulate circulation and penile sensitivity”.


Like you, we have questions. Many, many questions. For a start, of all the regions of the male body, the nethers don’t tend to miss out on the application of unguents, creams and the like. I for one at 50 have the scrotum of a 20-year-old. I was moisturising down there way before these formulations came anywhere near my face. You know what I’m saying. It’s no stretch.


Still though, I was gripped with a fear never before encountered. Up until now, I’d never wondered whether my cock complexion was up to scratch. It did what it was designed to, was hard-wearing and reliable. What more could you want? The answer to that question is apparently skin that is “vital” and “healthy” but definitely not experiencing reduced elasticity.


According to noted beauty expert Gregory Landsman – who is quoted on the packaging - the time had come to “fuel your manhood with 11 skin-strengthening vitamins and minerals to keep it stronger for longer!” The exclamation is his.


Who could possibly resist such an offer? Carefully following the packet instructions to “pierce the top of the ampoule and slowly squeeze the oil-based formula onto entire penis and scrotums” – yes scrotums – I prepared for a genital transformation that would make Caitlyn Jenner proud.


You may be able to tell from the tone of this piece, that the GQ test body was somewhat cynical about this product. HOW. WRONG. WE. WERE. This was nothing short of a one-eyed face lift. It was like he’d just spent two weeks in a spa in Cabo.


There was a definite improvement in texture and a certain joie de vivre that I didn’t know was lacking until now. My (poor) partner even used the word “silky” when pressed reluctantly into a before and after test. One capsule down, just 29 to go.

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Man-of-Many-Review of OMV- One-Manhood-Vitamin-Treats-Dry-Penile-Skin
Man of Many article

Men, it would appear, have learned to start taking better care of their skin, and the days of having a face that rivals a leather wallet for its dry, wrinkled appearance are gone. Nowadays, men take much more interest in providing their skin with the needed nutrients—minerals and vitamins—it needs to stay looking young and healthy.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always apply to the skin that never, if hardly ever, sees the light of day, but the skin of your manhood needs some attention as well.

A lack of fresh air and sun as well as the drying effects of soaps and the chemicals of lubricants can stress your best friend out, leading to tight, dry, irritated foreskin. Gregory Landsman has developed a topical ointment meant especially for manhood—or penile—skin.

OMV (One Manhood Vitamin) is a powerful treatment chocked full of vitamins and minerals meant to keep your private skin soft and healthy, even while you keep it private. The ointment relieves the symptoms of dry, itchy, or irritated ‘manhood skin’ by supporting the health of that area. It helps stimulate circulation and sensitivity in that area, as well as helping to support healthy testosterone levels.

OMV uses a balanced approach of fatty acids, linoleic acid and oleic acid to help keep skin looking plumper and younger. Vitamins D, A, B5, B6, and K help strengthen skin, while zinc assists the body in synthesizing collagen and elastin to repair irritated skin. Potassium helps to keep the skin moisturised internally, while iron helps promote blood flow to the skin.


OMV comes in a pack of 30 topical ampules. Simply pierce the ampule and squeeze out the oil-based formula into your hand. Then massage it into the skin and the surrounding area. For the most benefit, OMV should be used once daily.

Customer Reviews



Mark C
Age 68

My penis started to get that 'old man look'! After one week of using OMV it looks healthy again.

Vince P
Age 48

My penis often has small tears after sex and it is really uncomfortable. Have tried different products to try to fix it. Gave OMV a go and it did the job. I no longer have the problem.

Susan H
Age 47

My husband had problems with dry skin on his penis and after sex it is worse. I saw an ad and thought I would buy OMV for him. It has been a lifesaver. After two days the skin is no longer dry and looks healthy. He is relieved to have found a product that works. He's happy and so am I!

Lucas M
Age 45

I could see the difference after two days. 

Lorenzo C
Age 53

The discolouration has improved. Also feels great. It gets me going when I apply it. 

Phillip K
Age 38

Highly recommended. My skin is not dry and it feels good.

Age 45

Love the smoothness of the skin. and the feel of it.

Age 51

My husband isn't one for skincare but I bought OMV and he actually loves it!

Age 48

OMV helped my partner's penis skin. It's no longer dry and looks healthy. 

Craig F
Age 40

I apply it before I go for a surf and I have no more problems with dry skin.

John C
Age 29

Works a treat. A big relief from skin being dry and irritated all the time. 

William S
Age 49

I used OMV after I had chemotheraphy, which dried every part of my body. It gave me instant relief from the cracking, dry skin. Within a week of using OMV, it felt good again.

Jerome T
Age 25

Decided to try it just out of curiosity and I was pleasantly surprised. 

Brad D
Age 58

Like the article said, it improved my cock complexion! Really good product.

Carlos E
Age 61

Impressive product. The results were better than I expected.

Akhil H
Age 37

No more itching. Good product.

Dave A
Age 29

Read about this product. Decided to buy it and test it myself. So far it works. 

Antoine L
Age 64

Having tried many products to help the dryness and irritation, I wasn't very hopeful, but this one actually works.

Jean Paul D
Age 54

Everything downstairs looks good and I have only used it for a week.

Will G
Age 34

I am always up for trying new things and I am really happy I gave it a try.

Elias G
Age 38

I suffer from eczema and it impacts the penis skin. OMV helps to manage this condition. I use it daily after a shower and it makes a difference. Highly recommended.

Lin Z
Age 25

Fast acting. Saw results after I applied it once.

Richard H
Age 42

All I can say is that it works!

Michael R
Age 61

Good product. No longer feels irritated. Feels better

OMV Treats Dry Penile Skin - logo





Ely P
Age 39

I no longer get razor bumps on my skin. Extremely happy with the results. Highly recommended.

Rob V
Age 45

I didn’t think a good skincare routine was possible with only one product. It's all I use now. Just a couple of sprays - that's it. Great value product.

Con G
Age 52

My skin looks better since I started using the spray. Smoother and I look less tired from the long hours.

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